God graciously calls us, in a scattered and isolated age, to be builders of community in which God's saving word is proclaimed and all are welcomed, fed, and nurtured.

“God graciously calls us…” God has agency in this statement, in our church, and in our hearts. Any ministry work done through this church we acknowledge is done by God and in response to God’s call. We also acknowledge that that calling is itself an act of grace on God’s part: we are allowed to participate in God’s kingdom work. Praise God.

  • “...in a scattered and isolated age…” We are saddened by the loneliness and isolation which threatens our society. This isolation is the result of brokenness in our relationships with God, with others and with the world he has created.

  • “...to be builders of community…”  SSCRC’s gifts and joys are in building community. Whether on Sunday mornings, during Kids Hope mentorships, during Coffee Break fellowship, or during food pantry distribution, we recognize that our church is actively responding to this call to mend the brokenness of isolation and strengthen bonds that already exist.

  • “...in which God’s saving word is proclaimed…” In all of these communities which our church builds, we recognize the centrality of God’s word and God’s saving power through that word.

  • “...and all are welcomed, fed, and nurtured.” Along with the proclamation of God’s word, our ministries attend to the needs of the whole person: welcoming them into our midst, feeding their bodies and their spirits, and nurturing them forward in faith.


This statement was developed as part of a visioning process in late 2018 and early 2019. More details are here:

Written presentation during church service March 17 | Slides from March 17 presentation